About Us

Welcome to Calloway Height Baptist Church.  In November 1949, Calloway Heights Baptist Church was accepted into the fellowship of the Raleigh Association, the West Virginia Baptist Convention and the Northern Baptist Convention.  Our first Senior Pastor was Rev.  B.L. Jones.  For the first nine months church services were held in the Union Building and known as the Community Church. Property was purchased in May 1950.  Sunday School was organized in May 1950. Two buildings were purchased in June 1950 and set up as a tabernacle for worship. Ground breaking for the original building was held on May 11, 1951.  Between 1981 and 2001, many improvements were done to the original building including a new sanctuary, under our pastor of 27 years Pastor Bill Parker, Following Pastor Parker, Pastor Jeff Canterbury filled the pulpit for 6 years. Following Pastor Canterbury, Pastor Bill Horton filled the pulpit for 7 years. We welcome each of you to our site. We are a conservative, Bible-believing church and stand on the inerrant Word of God. We invite you to visit our church and worship the Lord with us.

We are currently seeking a pastor with God's guidence