Our Pastor and his family

       Pastor Bill Horton was born in Winston-Salem, NC. While the family moved around in his early years, by second grade the family was established back in Winston-Salem. He married his wife, Elizabeth (Beth) Longinotti (yes, she is part Italian) Horton, who is also from Winston, and they have been married 37 years.

Bill went to Wake Forest University and is black and gold through and through! Beth went to UNC-Chapel Hill for a few years, and is Tarheel blue through and through. Makes life interesting!

Bill later went to UNC-Greensboro and received his degree in Elementary teaching. He taught 5th and 6th grades for 10 years. Beth received her nursing degree from Winston-Salem State, and has been a nurse for more than 32 years.

Bill was called by God into ministry in January of 2001.  He received his Master of Divinity degree from Liberty University. He has served as pastor in churches both in North Carolina and Virginia.

Bill and Beth have 2 children; Jane who is 22, and Ben who is 31. They also have 3 grandchildren: Nathan, who is 10; Crystal Alexis ("Lexie"), who is 6; and baby Brianna ("Brie") who is 3 years old.